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SOWNY » Why doesn't Toronto media do a better job of covering "the media" » Today 1:09 am

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That's why I read 12:36.  Marc Weisblott regularly covers the goings-ons of Toronto media.

SOWNY » SOWNY Founder Comes “Close But No Cigar” » Yesterday 9:47 pm

Thanks RA. We have a book launch next Saturday at the Falcon Brewery in Ajax. The proprietor - a former publisher himself - is offering a free beer for every book we sell:

SOWNY » Instant Replay: Local Broadcast Firsts & Lasts » Yesterday 9:00 pm

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Everybody starts somewhere. And if they’re really lucky, they’ll be there a long time. But some go way too early. This week’s installment takes a look at the beginnings and endings of people you know on stations you’ve heard. And how amazing it is that those legacies often started with a simple one line announcement.
First Thing In The Morning
For a very long time, it seemed like CFRB morning man Wally Crouter had been around forever. He lasted an incredible 50 years before his retirement and subsequent death several years later. But here’s where Wally first surfaced in April 1946.

He must have done his job well, because this announcement followed just over a year later.

Which came first: the traffic guy or the morning man? Turns out, in Jan. 1945, it was the guy who would wind up a household traffic name. Although did anyone ever call him just “Ed?”

Jack Dennett would become a household name across Canada for his work on Hockey Night In Canada. But local listeners also knew him as one of the best newsmen to ever open a radio mic. That amazing voice was first heard here in November 1943.

[size=125]Sadly Dennett would leave the airwaves and the world way too soon in August 1975.

Before Dennett made his mark, there was a famous CFRB newsman named Jim Hunter. You may not have heard his name, but you might be familiar with his intro. For decades, “Hunter’s Horn” was used to introduce

SOWNY » Why doesn't Toronto media do a better job of covering "the media" » Yesterday 8:28 pm

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Not snarky at all Aaron, guess that wasn't the best analogy. However I don't think we on this message board are really the ones to judge if the average person would be interested or not since many that read and contribute on SOWNY are either in the broadcast business or have retired. Maybe we are a little too close to the source to make that call what the regular reader of the Star or Sun would find of interest.

As you mentioned earlier, not many, even here looked at the ratings posted, but as you also said, if you know where to go, you can at least find the basic rating info from Numeris or a few other sources.. The average person wouldn't likely know where to find any ratings material on line and you are right probably wouldn't seek to find them out in the first place. The general public is not thinking about radio or tv ratings as a rule.

However newspapers in particular are still about the best at presenting feature information to readers/consumers as they scan the page. If the average reader of the Star came across the ratings, and again with some context and explanation along with this, it very well could be of interest. They are seeing information about local media and personalities that is new and something never seen normally in their local paper. 

In reality in Toronto it would be quarterly in the Star or Sun with an article explaining to the reader which stations are the most popular, on the rise, which stations have changed format and who has Toronto's most popular morning show. I actually can't see how this wouldn't be interesting to many people. And also it is not just radio but  television news ratings locally as well. Augment this with occasional articles about media in Toronto, changes in the broadcast landscape etc. and again personalities. 

As I have mentioned a few times, the Buffalo News has been following the broadcast industry in that city for decades and it must be of some interest to their readers or they wouldn't be giving this such

SOWNY » Sports radio musings and Scott MacArthur seems to have a new spot » Yesterday 8:22 pm

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Speaking of Scott MacArthur.

From Saturday's Toronto Star:

" host of Blue Jays Talk on Sportsnet 590 The FAN and filling in on other shows through the summer."

Scott MacArthur’s life-changing decision is coming out OK

SOWNY » SOWNY Founder Comes “Close But No Cigar” » Yesterday 7:43 pm

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Normally I don’t allow a lot of shilling here but I’m going to make a small exception. The guy who founded the original SOWNY Board many decades ago (it’s been through a number of moderators since then) has written a new book. And it’s pretty good.
Dale Patterson is a longtime member of this place, runs the aircheck site Rock Radio Scrapbook and is the PD/MD and chief bottle washer at oldies non-hits Oh Wow Radio on Live 365.
He was kind enough to send me a copy of his latest tome (his third book!) called “Close But No Cigar.” It’s about the people who had the bad luck of coming in second or missing their big shot at the brass ring, and it’s divided into sections about politics, showbiz, history, sports and more. But my favourite section is about primarily rock musicians and how they missed their shot at the big time or somehow came in second. (Although the guy who eventually lost out on becoming British P.M. to Winston Churchill because he went to the dentist has to be a highlight!)
It’s a great idea and it’s very readable, with each example no longer than a page or so.  That makes it perfect for a ride on transit or even a ride on the commode. You can find out more about it here if this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to explore.
Dale wanted me to pass along the fact that on Tuesday, Sept. 17th, he’ll be a special guest on board fave Freddie Vette’s show on CJBQ from 4-7 PM, reading more examples, playing related hits and giving away some copies.
Nice going Dale! I’m not sure where you found all this stuff, but it’s anything but “second” best! 

SOWNY » Need help identifying CanCon artists » Yesterday 2:27 pm

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Here's a CanCon artist who was also a Can con artist: 

Jim Norman: A Canadian jazz percussionist, producer and composer based in Toronto. Well, right now he's based in Big Spring Texas, where he's serving time for consipiracy to commit wire fraud by participating in a multi-million dollar international advance fee confidence scam through his foundation and Thrum Records.

SOWNY » Summer Ratings » Yesterday 1:08 pm

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Dale Patterson wrote:

RadioAaron wrote:

Not widely used for anything, but interesting for trending to some degree.


CHUM 104.5 -- 11.1
Radio One -- 10.4
Boom 97.3 -- 9.1
CHFI -- 8.9
Q107 -- 75
Virgin 999 -- 6.2
Kiss 92.5 -- 6.0
680 News -- 4.9
102.1 The Edge -- 4.0
Z103.5 -- 3.6
CBC Music -- 3.0
Indie88 -- 2.8
FAN 590 -- 2.1
Classical 96.3 -- 2.0
NewsTalk 1010 - 1.9
Flow 93.5 -- 1.9
ICI Musique -- 1.4
Energy 95.3 -- 1.3
JazzFM91 -- 1.2
Jewel 88.5 -- 0.8
GNR640 -- 0.7
TSN 1050 -- 0.6
G98.7 -- 0.6
AM740 -- 0.4
Elmnt 106.5 - 0.0

Never seen a station at 0.0 before. How can a station have zero listeners?

It's share of tuning, not a listener count. So while Elmnt certainly has "listeners" - meaning people that listened (well...heard) to them at some point, the combination of how many actually did with how long they listened didn't add up to enough to round up to a 0.1.

SOWNY » Why doesn't Toronto media do a better job of covering "the media" » Yesterday 1:03 pm

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paterson1 wrote:

Millions in the GTA watch TV and radio everyday, I would think there would be plenty of interest.

I don't mean this to sound snarky, but....

Millions in the GTA_______
-Drink orange juice
-Bank with TD
-Drive a Ford

We really don't see the kind of detailed article about any of the above as we used to about quarterly radio ratings or comings and goings. Broadcast media used to hold a much higher level of interest than any of those, but I'm not sure it does anymore. 

If I were a news editor looking at Toronto radio, the only stories I think would have been newsworthy from the last year or so would have been Roger Ashby retiring, Flow 93.5 returning to Hip-Hop, and the goings-on at Jazz fm.

SOWNY » Need help identifying CanCon artists » Yesterday 11:00 am

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thanks for the help guys!

SOWNY » Why doesn't Toronto media do a better job of covering "the media" » Yesterday 7:01 am

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grilled.cheese wrote:

I would love to know the numbers "Being Frank" pulls in.  

I'd be surprised if the Numeris chart put that under a different name than "paid programming."

SOWNY » Why doesn't Toronto media do a better job of covering "the media" » Yesterday 6:04 am

Ms. C.
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Other than veteran media professional Christy Blatchford (National Post), who would you be confident is capable of analyzing the ratings and (other than provide a list of published results) report  the results accurately?   

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