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SOWNY » Brother-Sister act takes over Edge mornings » Today 12:33 pm

Johnny B
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CORUS/Global's western-Canadian bias continues to turn iconic Toronto radio stations into Vancouver 2.0...see AM640 and Q107...but I will give them a chance...they deserve that.  

SOWNY » Bill Gable has died. » Today 11:44 am

Geez, this is stunning news, so sad to hear this. As Tim says, such a nice, decent guy.
Bill was easily one of the best of the best at the Big 8, or anywhere else he worked, for that
matter. We've just lost one of the Legends, yes, with a capital "L."
Bill was someone who could sound great in any format (example: at CKLW or doing Smooth Jazz
in Orlando).
Our thoughts are with Lisa, Noah and Bill's former wife, Patty.

[Edit] Pat Holiday has a nice tribute on his Facebook page. If I knew how to copy it, I'd post it here.

SOWNY » Bill Gable has died. » Today 9:52 am

I'm really sorry to hear that. He was PD when I was at CFTR. A really nice guy.

SOWNY » Bill Gable has died. » Today 9:10 am

Ms. C.
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Eva D. called him "billy boy"

SOWNY » Bill Gable has died. » Today 8:29 am

John D
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Sad to report that Bill Gable legendary broadcaster has died.  He retired from AM 740 in 2014.  He was best known as one of the  legendary voices of The Big 8 CKLW in Windsor.  He died of complications; from COPD; in Windsor.  He was truly one of the good ones.

RIP Bill

SOWNY » The Day CHUM Turned Down John Lennon » Yesterday 10:27 pm

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at the end of their set there is some nothing going on, then someone starts to sing "all we are saying..." That was me. 
 i got on this site to talk to John Donabie . i went to offer my help on the phones for his CIUT show and found out i had just missed him and he wouldn't be back. rats! i remember him from a long ways back. i think i even used his tickets to see "HAIR" on night. 

SOWNY » AM 640 Audio sounds like garbage » Yesterday 10:03 pm

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Here, lemme fix that subject line for you:

AM 640 sounds like garbage.

A truism that dates back far longer than I care to remember.

Hey, Corus: give up. Your station is a complete fecking failure.

SOWNY » AM 640 Audio sounds like garbage » Yesterday 9:00 pm

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Whoever the audio engineer for AM 640 is should be fired. The audio is distorted. i don't know if its over modulation, too much compression or what. It sounds terrible. What are they thinking?

SOWNY » New content for Global News Radio » Yesterday 4:52 pm

"Topics range from true crime and mysteries to the paranormal or the plain weird."

What does a guy have to do to hear something other than UFO/crop-circle/ghost-hunter psycho-babble in the wee early hours? Is everyone that's awake, late at night, bent and twisted?

Come back, Larry Glick. Come back. All is forgiven. Now THAT would be paranormal, what? 


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