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SOWNY » Orillia FM Flips Format » Yesterday 9:25 pm

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the format flip happened at the start of may.  the station sounds pretty good, but there's a bit of work to be done to tighten the playlist somewhat.  or maybe focus is a better word.  it's a good fit for the region.  i find rock95 is often bland "dad rock" and the dock has moved to something more modern ever since bell took over.  simcoe county won't miss the loss of another a/c slash 80s classic hits jukebox, that's for sure.

the nickelback paradox is funny.  a band everyone loves to hate, despite their immense success.  how does a band sell out tours and with #1 singles manage to evoke such vitriol?

SOWNY » Orillia FM Flips Format » Yesterday 9:04 pm

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Canadian Radio News reports that CISO Orillia, the Classic Hits station at 89.1, is Classic Hits no more. It's switched to Alternative Rock, with a promise it will give a reward to any listener that catches them playing Nickelback. 

See the story here. 

SOWNY » Who Gets Ntl. Must Carry Ethnic TV Licence? We'll Find Out This Week » Yesterday 8:46 pm

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The CRTC is scheduled to decide this coming week on a long simmering issue - who will be awarded a cable TV ethnic channel that is not only national but is must carry on cable and satellite? Rogers, of course, already has its OMNI up and running but that doesn't mean they'll get it. There are seven others who've made applications, including - to no one's surprise - Bell Media. 

TeleLatino is also in the mix along with Corriere Canadese, the long published Italian newspaper. And there are a number of other lesser known competitors in the race.

It will be very interesting to see what happens if Rogers, which obviously has the most material compiled and a service that's already up and running, doesn't get it. What will that mean, if anything, for its own local OMNI stations? 

Stay tuned. The decision is due this week. And whatever happens, a lot of people won't be happy - possibly including cable viewers, who will have to pay for the service even if they never watch a single minute of it. 

You can see the full list of applicants here

SOWNY » Study shows women are getting left behind in the Film and T.V. biz... » Yesterday 12:21 pm

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It makes good business sense to hire lots of (single; unlikely to have kids) females - they can get paid less!

SOWNY » Someone Call John Oakley: Trump Pardons Conrad Black » Yesterday 9:43 am

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LocalNewsGuy wrote:

Chrisphen wrote:

For all his faults, Oakley can certainly turd polish.

Conrad Black's legacy will live on....

a disgusting pardon by a disgusting president ....

SOWNY » Study shows women are getting left behind in the Film and T.V. biz... » Yesterday 7:40 am

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Why am I not surprised that this is a CBC story. Perhaps there are not enough 'Visible Minority" women qualified for or interested in these positions. To the majority of television viewers and movie goers, all they care about is were they entertained? Did they get their $15 worth? Was that hour spent watching a show worthwhile or could that hour have been spent doing something more productive. They do not care who wrote, produced, directed, was the head of lighting, or wardrobe. Bottom Line: Just entertain me.

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