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SOWNY » SportsNet 4K Channels » December 18, 2019 8:00 pm

Being an avid 4K consumer, and subscriber to all things 4K. I wonder why SportsNet continues to broadcast non-4K content on their 4K channels. Most of their broadcasts are not 4K, in fact, 80% of them. TSN never broadcasts content that isn’t 4K on their 4K channels. There is a vast difference between 4K and HD, especially in sports.. Does anyone else notice? Example the Raptors game tonight from Detroit. It’s on SN1 and SN4K 1 .... it’s definitely not 4K. Why do they put it on both channels? Does anyone know?

SOWNY » Fall PPMs » December 9, 2019 1:32 pm

radiokid wrote:

markow202 wrote:

Slightly off topic but still related to the station thats highest rank....Bell does a great job with the "sound" of 104.5   - it sounds more like a CD rather than a FM station when listening.  The fidelity is amazing.  This goes with Virgin 999 aswell since they are together. 

Not sure if it's still the case, but to my knowledge, CHUM 104-5 use to have their imaging producer have control of the processor settings, and not the Engineering department.     I think it does make a difference.  (No offense to Engineers)   

Lots of listening and adjustments. Chum and Virgin are both owned by Bell, and in the same building but are on different processing chains. Imaging Director has control of processing and can access and make adjustments from any device, when needed. 

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