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Fri Aug 25 8:25 am  #1

Underwater pole dancing + boozy popsicles = summer radio topics

Underwater pole dancing is the latest thing, and a popular Toronto radio host features the topic, and even a picture on their Twitter account. Will it get so hard to get talk radio  callers to pick up the phone that this gets turned into a topic?

In some of the hotter bars, mixed drinks are being served with a boozy popsicle inside the glass. It's an all-in-one conversation piece, swizzle stick, and ice cube. The boozy popsicle is showing up on social media, with recipes etc. There's a homemade kind being made, with fresh fruit, sparkling wine or vodka, or whatever you like. Kelly Cutrara and a fun and tonic freezie, I can hear it now.

Radio hosts plainly admit that these next two weeks are the "I have no callers!" time, and they tweak their topics to tempt people to call in.

Could get kinda fun.