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Wed Aug 30 7:01 pm  #1

Skip Prokop

RIP Skip Prokop.  He has died at the age of 74; from a stroke.  Former member of The Paupers and founder of Lighthouse.  Great musician.


Wed Aug 30 7:56 pm  #2

Re: Skip Prokop

I had the pleasure of working with Skip in the early 80s...

He was trying his hand at sales...

He battled a few demons along the way but he was a good guy...

My sympathy to his family...

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Thu Aug 31 8:20 am  #3

Re: Skip Prokop

Sad day for music. R.I.P. Skip Prokop.

Maybe they'll finally get around to inducting Lighthouse into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Next year, the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lighthouse, would be perfect.

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Thu Aug 31 10:51 am  #4

Re: Skip Prokop

I cannot believe Lighthouse is not already in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  Should have been inducted many many year ago.
I am a huge fan and had the chance to see them about 3 years ago at the Orillia Opera house and they were still great.   Fantastic show.   Very sad news about the passing of Skip Prokop.


Thu Aug 31 12:34 pm  #5

Re: Skip Prokop

I remember when the Paupers played at my junior high school. It was the first school dance I ever went to. I was always a big fan of Lighthouse. One of my favourite albums is Suite Feeling with Places On Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces, my favourite track. I loved it back in the day when everyone got a chance to do a kick ass solo!!


Fri Sep 1 11:58 am  #6

Re: Skip Prokop has a link to a fascinating history of The Paupers, which is very long and very detailed, but worth your while if you have any interest in Prokop's early years.

Among the things I never knew:  The Paupers were one of the supporting acts for Jimi Hendrix when he played the CNE. And Prokop was invited to join Janis Joplin's group but ultimately declined.

Garage Hangover: The Paupers