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Sun Sep 10 6:08 pm  #1

Local Weather Forecast: Which One Do You Believe?

I was tuning in between City and Global's 6 PM newscasts Sunday (CTV was carrying the NFL) when I saw the long range forecast for the coming week. 

Over on Global, Ross Hull was telling us that the remnants of Hurricane Irma might give the GTA some rain on both Wednesday and Thursday, although it likely wouldn't amount to much. 

Meanwhile, over on City, Stella Acquisto was boldly assuring viewers that Irma would have absolutely no impact anywhere in Ontario and that it will be sunny all week, with not a chance of rain in the forecast.

C'mon guys, which one is it? I've seen small differences in weather prognostications in the past, but never two this different in the same hour. My money is on Hull, since he's an actual meteorologist. And Acquisto? Well, frankly I have no idea what she is or if she knows anything about weather.

Meanwhile, over on NBC Nightly News, anchor Lester Holt temporarily forgot the name of the hurricane while throwing to the final break. "When we come back," he intoned on Sunday night, "the lasting images from Hurricane -- long pause -- Ira. Um, Irma." It appears it's not easy broadcasting from the middle of a hurricane.


Sun Sep 10 6:19 pm  #2

Re: Local Weather Forecast: Which One Do You Believe?

Weather coverage is much like all other news coverage - delivered by people who have little-to-no idea what they're talking about.


Sun Sep 10 7:54 pm  #3

Re: Local Weather Forecast: Which One Do You Believe?