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Mon Sep 11 12:25 pm  #1

Legendary Pirate Radio Station Recreated Online – But Just For 1 Wk.

Ever wonder what one of those British pirate radio stations with the original disc jockeys of the 60s sounded like? Here’s your chance to find out – but only for a week.
Last Pirate FM in the U.K. was home to two legendary DJs, Tony Prince and Emperor Rosko,(who is actually an American) and both are back for an online recreation of the station in honour of a charity. It’s available on DAB in the U.K. and online for the rest of us. But if you’re at all interested in listening in, you don’t have much time. The “pop-up station” is only on from September 11th to the 17th.
If you grew up in Britain, it’s a mind trip down memory lane. If not, it’s a chance to hear a different style and different playlists than what we had here.
There’s a lot more about it here.
You can listen live here.