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October 2, 2017 12:11 pm  #1

Nice Tribute To A Key Broadcast Type You Rarely See

Say the name Jerry Howarth or Joe Siddall and everybody instantly knows who you're talking about. But what about the guy who makes it possible for them to be on the air, day-in, day-out during a long baseball season? 

This story is admittedly completely irrelevant to most who frequent this board - who cares about the Kansas City Royals in Toronto? - but I post it here because it's the side of broadcasting you almost never hear about: the guy behind the glass, who rarely gets mentioned and is almost never seen or heard. 

This nice little news video from a K.C. TV station is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the people who make what you hear possible. Even if it waited until his retirement. If you've ever been one of those TV or radio types that toil in relative obscurity most days, this one's for you.

Man behind Royals radio says goodbye after 32 seasons