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October 29, 2017 8:47 pm  #1

Vinney White Leaves CFRB Because He's No Longer Living In Toronto

Vinney White has done his final Sunday show for CFRB after five years at the station. The British host, who was also heard in Ottawa for a while, has been touring the world and decided not to return to Canada. He's been doing his past few programs by remote from Europe and is now settled in London. 

When he told 'RB Program Director Mike Bendixen he wasn't coming back to T.O., he and the station both agreed it was time to go. And on Sunday, he did, doing his final 9-10 PM show and leaving this message on his blog:

"THANK YOU Canada for offering me an amazing life. Thank you BobFM Ottawa and NewsTalk1010 Toronto. Time for a new chapter in Europe. There will be a new show, of some sort (radio, TV or web) soon enough. It's been epic.

Keep laughing at this mad world, or you will shit yourself." 

No word yet on what's taking his place.