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November 18, 2017 10:12 pm  #1

The Canadian Podcast Listener Study

Ten million Canadians listened to a podcast in the past year. These are the findings  of the Canadian Podcast Listener Study by Audio Insights Inc. and Ulster Media with support from The Globe & Mail. Three years ago 30 per cent of Canadians were listening to Podcasts. Today that figure has jumped to 41 per cent with 24%  listening monthly, 15% weekly and 4% daily.

I spent some time pouring over the 57-page study to  figure out what 4,000 Canadians polled had to say about podcasting. I used to think the future stars of radio will come from successful podcasts. After reading this study,  it’s clear to me, that those who excell at producing and hosting podcasts won’t need a 50,000 watt transmitter to be a star. Podcasting has become a new powerful alternative to radio. "The study tells us more than we've ever known about Canadians' podcast habits and interests" says Jeff Ulster, former head of Digital Talk Content at CBC and now owner of Ulster Media. 

I provide all the details of the study in my latest On The Kowch Blog It's scarey how Millennial podcast listeners feel that podcast ads are more effective than ads in other media. Ads read by hosts lead the list of reasons for why some listeners feel podcast advertising has more impact than ads in other media.

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