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December 13, 2017 12:05 pm  #1

K101 San Francisco

James Gabbert was an engineering graduate and broadcasting magnate. I remember reading an article about him in Billboard where in 1974 he said that "programming people were bogged down in computers." Yes 1974.

He owned a station called K101 in San Francisco and they had a format which could be described as adult top 40 with a wide playlist.They were successful and he was not averse to climbing the antenna tower to fix a problem and taking programming chances.

He did a show called Anything Goes on the station and true to it's title just about anything went.

You can hear a good audio quality 45 minute sample. Although the first few seconds including a very early 1900 recording. Listen to everything from Marlene Dietrich, John D Loudermilk, CCR and StevieĀ  Wonder to a sitar version of Eleanor Rigby

James Gabbert Anything Goes 1972/3

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