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January 6, 2018 1:46 am  #1

The Seven Secrets of Radio eBook freebie

This FREE kowchmedia eBook is your seven-step guide to chase your dream to be a star on the radio. The secrets are the same for music DJs, talk show hosts, news anchors, reporters, traffic reporters, weather forecasters, sports anchors or play by play announcers.  It doesn’t matter what you do in radio or what format you perform in. This eBook is MUST reading for emerging radio talent.

Herre is the Table of Contents

Secret #1 It is all about talent - Page 3

Secret #2 How to be a great story teller - Page 5

Secret #3 It’s not about the radio format - Page 7

Secret #4 Chase your dream to succeed in radio - Page 9

Secret #5 How attitude can make or break your career - Page 11

Secret #6 The importance of air checks – Page 13

Secret #7 Should I go or should I stay – Page 15

It's an easy read with good advice.

Want a copy? Send an email to In the subject line write 7 Secrets.


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