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January 8, 2018 7:21 pm  #1

CRTC Urged To Probe Bell's Sales Practices

This isn't about broadcasting per se, but it certainly involves an entity that's synonymous with it. And for those who already hate Bell, it won't do much to improve your opinion of the company. 

A group called The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is asking the CRTC to launch a probe into Bell's sales practices, after a CBC report last November raised serious concerns about how the monolith operates. It quoted a Bell sales rep who related how intense pressure is put on employees that sell the firm's various services, in what some allege is a questionable way. 

The article quoted one employee who said she felt guilty after selling a 90-year-old blind woman an Internet package, despite knowing the senior could never use it.  She claimed she was forced to by non-stop pressure from her employer. After that report went public, scores of other workers wrote in saying they were having similar concerns. Bell has always denied the charge.
Bell insider reveals high-pressure sales tactics required on every single call 

Now the public advocacy group thinks it's time for the Commission to examine what's been going on and where the truth lies. 

CRTC urged to investigate telecom sales tactics 

This would be a fascinating probe if it ever came to pass. But don't hold your breath. The CRTC is made up of tons of former telecom executives. I can only wonder if they did a study how impartial it would really be.  


January 8, 2018 10:39 pm  #2

Re: CRTC Urged To Probe Bell's Sales Practices

Bell has been a cold, heartless, piece of SHIT company since their days as just the phone company arseholes.  Now?  The opportunities are endless to put not only customers ...but employees too... out on the streets in January.  Well...they lost their monopoly and now they're WAY in over their heads so a POX on them.  But then the CRTC is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, 'testicleless'.  They make the California Raisins look like BOULDERS.

We're left standing unprotected.  Don't just get out your wallet girls...change the company that serves you your WAY over-priced merde.