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January 16, 2018 5:28 pm  #1

A Strange 24 Hours For NewsTalk 1010

What a strange 24 hours for the normally reliable Newstalk 1010.
It started on Monday, when afternoon drive host Ryan Doyle tore a strip off the rest of the media for falling for the fake hijab attack story, all the while indicating he believed it wasn’t true right from the start and too many reporters and politicians jumped the gun without waiting for a full investigation to take place.  
He was, of course, correct in that assessment. But less than 24 hours later, the sock was quite literally on the other mic. At the launch of Tuesday’s “Rush,” Doyle went off on another crusade, reporting the story about the baby found in an alley at a plaza. He indicated there must be a place where pregnant women can leave an unwanted child and issued all kinds of speculation about what happened.
Well, surprise, surprise! It was another fake story, with police revealing the mother of the newborn made the whole story up. But this time the self-righteous Ryan fell into the exact same trap he was so smug about with other stations and reporters the day before. And when the facts – which he insisted others should have waited for on the hijab story - were revealed an hour later, we heard not a peep about how he jumped on the story too early.
Can you spell hypocritical? I knew you could.
But it didn’t end there. For two days, there have been significant mistakes in their “Money Watch” segment, prepared by Bell Media’s own BNN. On Monday, I remember being surprised when they reported the Dow Jones being up at the close by some 200 points. What’s the big deal? The Dow was closed for Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. and so were their stock markets. So it couldn’t have closed either up or down.
Then on Tuesday after the 5 PM news, what I believe was the same announcer told us the TSX had closed up by 70 something points. Except it actually went down by that much, not up.
Normally CFRB is pretty reliable. But so far, this has been a very bad week for the station. And it’s only Tuesday!