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January 18, 2018 1:15 pm  #1

Meet Drex, an On The Kowch profile of AM640's new overnight host

I know there is another thread about The Shift With Drex that starts Monday on Toronto's AM640, 900 CHML in Hamilton and 980 CFPL in London. But there was little information about the guy.

Full disclosure; Justin Wilcomes (AKA Drex), has been one of my
 kowchmedia talk radio clients since he started hosting an evening show on CKNW in Vancouver three years ago.  My first air check with Drex, I told him he was a star. On par with the likes of John MooreBill Carroll and Charles Adler

Here is what I hear when I listen to Drex on the radio:

Drex is fearless! He speaks his mind. Asks the tough questions. He is compassionate, funny, engaging, entertaining and never boring.  He also has one of the rare qualities that many talk show hosts lack – he is a good listener. He lets his callers have their say. He is opinionated but not over the top. Drex holds his own with politicians, newsmakers and community ativists. He is a news junkie, likes sports, is a fan of pop culture and X-File issues.  Which makes him an all around broadcaster and not a one trick pony.

At 38-years-old, Drex was born in Australia at the tail end of the GenX generation and the 1980 start of the Millennial generation. This gives him a foot in both generations which could explain why he increased ratings at CKNW in those two younger demos. Drex shares the optimism of a Millennial and thinks like a GenXer.

Drex isn’t worried about criticism dealing with the show being hosted from Vancouver.

“This isn’t a Vancouver show being heard across Canada. This is a show talking about things on a national level. We’ll talk about things in different parts of Canada that is of interest to a national audience,” Drex told his CKNW afternoon drive audience when explaining why he was leaving the show.

The show will have a website, The URL is  I checked today but it isn't up and running yet. It should be by the time the show goes to air at 1am Monday morning. I'm told if you aren't awake when it airs, you can go to the site and listen to audio of the broadcast on the Cloud.

You can read the full Drex profile at my On The Kowch Blog

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