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Sun Mar 11 11:45 am  #31

Re: Paul Bliss

TomTV wrote:

He was already investigated, by his employer and subsequently fired. 

I find it highly ironic, that in another thread, you infer that you distrust the corporations and their transmittal of news, citing only a public broadcaster can do it justice.  Yet, here, you are willing to accept only the corporation's side as a conclusive closure on the allegations.

Colour me cynical, but, this "investigation" was nothing more than optics. They knew they'd be under fire if they did nothing.  So, they "investigated" and terminated.  In my books, that's not the ultimate pinnacle of the issue.  At all.


Wed Mar 14 3:58 pm  #32

Re: Paul Bliss

No, I am more than willing to hear Mr Bliss' side as well. If anything, he should contact Ms Christie Blatchford (who has spoken up for the men being accused by women) and do an interview with her.

He didn't commit a crime that should see him go to court and face jailtime, but what he presumably did was extremely unprofessional and quite frankly, gross. He still deserves the chance to offer up a mea culpa and then begin to repair his reputation if he wants to keep working in the industry. And I think people, including myself, can be very forgiving - men especially can understand sexual desire driving a person to do something stupid. Most men are able to recognize where to draw the line though, between flirtation/dating and harassment/inappropriate advances.

I'm willing to trust the corporation's view because it falls within the parameters of who is an adequate judge of this type situation: this is not a case of an ongoing predatory behavior like with Harvey Weinstein, just a one-time event. I don't think it ever needed to go to the courts, and even Ms Brown as said she didn't want that. So if the victim is fine with, there's no reason not to let them handle it.

Also, regarding the CBC, I didn't say ONLY the public broadcaster should deliver the news. I said I do not trust a world whereby ONLY corporations deliver the news. I want COMPETING viewpoints delivered by different sources with different agendas. As already noted, somewhere in the middle of all that, there's usually the truth.


Wed Mar 14 10:25 pm  #33

Re: Paul Bliss

TomTV wrote:

If anything, he should contact Ms Christie Blatchford

Wouldn't he be better served turning to a competent PR firm rather than a bottom-shelf gadfly hack?


Wed Mar 14 10:35 pm  #34

Re: Paul Bliss

Other than Steve Paikin, I can't think of any accused individual who survived accusations since the Harvey Weinstein outbreak. And Mr. Paikin survived only because his accuser is considered a flake.  While it may be true that the presumption of innocence is is foundational in the court system, it's not necessarily the case in the real world. However, we are now operating in a world where in the presumption of guilt is the standard. That's just not good.