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January 31, 2018 11:01 am  #1

Coming Changes In Buffalo TV Reception For The GTA

These changes are not going to happen overnight but will/should eventually. My source is "Rabbit Ears".                    WGRZ: Currently 480KW at 968'. Application in for 522KW at 1010' This should help reception in the GTA.               WIVB: Currently  790KW at 1368' When they move to Grand Island they will be 1000KW at 994' They must be off ch 39 by Apr 23rd. Their grade "A" contour covers most of the GTA [indoor antenna OK] The Grade "B" contour covers Markham and Oshawa. Currently the Grade "B" contour reaches halfway between Hamilton and St. Catharines.    WKBW: Currently 358KW at 1420'. When they move to ch 34 they will drop to 331KW. Application in for 660KW at 1417'                                                                                                                                                                              WNED: Currently 156KW at 1076'. When they move to ch 34 power will drop to 123KW. Application is in to increase power to 345KW at 1089'