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Wed Feb 7 11:21 am  #1

Longtime Buffalo Radio News Legend Mysteriously Leaves WECK

John Zach has been a major presence in the Buffalo radio market for decades, working at some of the city's biggest outlets. His last gig was at WECK-AM, but that's apparently ended in a mysterious way, after he suddenly told his stunned P.D. that last Friday would be his final day, then summarily walked out of the building, 

No one has been able to reach him since.

Buffalo News: News legend John Zach mysteriously exits WECK without talking to owner


Tue Feb 13 4:56 pm  #2

Re: Longtime Buffalo Radio News Legend Mysteriously Leaves WECK

Update from Buffalo News:

"He didn't want to go into details why he left the station, but disputed the idea station owner Buddy Shula was unaware of the reasons…
"The management of the radio station knows exactly why," said Zach in a brief telephone call. "They knew it then and they know it now."

John Zach is 'perfectly fine,' says WECK management knows why he left

Curiouser and curiouser cried Alice. ("Alice" was once the name of another Buffalo station at 92.9, but as far as I know, Zach never worked there...)

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