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February 14, 2018 5:12 pm  #1

A New Legal Term Is Coined: "Simpsonized"

This has nothing to do with local radio or TV, but I can't help but note with some amusement that a judge has used the expression "Simpsonized" in relation to a case where an actor sued the producers of the world's longest running sitcom for copying his likeness and image. 

The judge didn't buy it and used the word in his summary. 

"Sivero acknowledges his likeness has been 'Simpsonized,'" states the opinion. "To be 'Simpsonized' is to be transformed by the creative and artistic expressions distinctive to The Simpsons." 

Appeals Court Won't Let 'Goodfellas' Actor Have Another Shot at 'Simpsons' Mob Character

And yes, it's not all that important. But it might make Mike Stafford's day.

By the way, I noticed that the band Hedley has been dropped from the Juno Award ceremony. Why? They're accused of having an unsavoury past with some women. What? A rock band entertaining groupies! Why it just can't be!

Rock Band Hedley Pulled From Juno Awards Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims