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February 17, 2018 7:39 pm  #1

CBS All Access Comes To Canada In June

The latest all-streaming service in the U.S. will be officially crossing the border this summer. But the question remains is it worth the money - and what will you really be able to see on it? As the linked article by Bill Brioux points out, Bell already has locked up the rights to the new Star Trek, which was seen as the main draw for the thing. So it won't appear here. 

And outside of "The Good Fight" - the sequel to the now cancelled CBS series "The Good Wife" and a planned new version of "The Twilight Zone"  - will it be worth shelling out more bucks just to see a few other originals and some old CBS-owned shows (if, in fact, they can show them here at all thanks to rights issues)? 

CBS All Access coming to Canada this June 

CBS All Access Site