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February 18, 2018 10:21 pm  #1

Detroit City Rock

Detroit city rock and folk and Blues from WKNR AM & FM. Including the top 113 of 1968 on Keener 13 AM and some Uncle Russ Gibb and more on the FM side.

Russ Gibb was a Detroit legend. Owner of the Grande Ballroom and he put acts like Iggy and The Stooges and MC5 on the map and brought in out of town acts like CCR and the Who. His segment includes an interview with John Fogerty and ironic what JF says about Fantasy records Saul Zaentz in light of what was to come. He also apparently started the whole "Paul is Dead" phenomena when he took a call on air and there is perhaps a Canadian connection as he is supposed to have hosted CBC's Cross Country Checkup out of Montreal in 1965. He was also an investor in my favorite rock magazine of all time "Creem."

His segment, while interesting, does sound somewhat self indulgent as he seems to be pontificating about his promotion business a bit much and the WKNR FM segment in Part One makes for better radio and a better example of commercial "underground" FM radio from 1969.

The Keener 13 AM countdown is from a time when Top 40 radio was at it's peak and the diversity in music played was wide.

WKNR AM & FM Part One

WKNR AM & FM Part Two With JF Interview

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