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February 26, 2018 8:00 am  #1

Some Canadian FM's heard in NW Pennsylvania

Greetings all, here's a few FM DX logs from my place in PennsylvaniaLocation: Ridgway, PA (NW corner of the state)Elevation: 2000 feet (and free of terrain obstructions)Equipment: Sony FDRX1HD, Kathrein Scala YA7 5 element yagi and Zoom H1 handheld digital recorder

NEW!!  CBOX-FM 102.5 Ottawa, Ontario.  317 miles north west of me. Normally I hear Star 102.5 WTSS Buffalo, but last night I was hearing real short fade ups of opera type music. 102.5 was swapping places with that, Star 102.5 and US102 WUSQ Winchester, VA It took another fade up or two to hear more music to match it to the stream and also catch some french talking bits.  Here are 4 audio clips, short and sweet but most certainly CBOX. I recorded 102.5 for 2 hours and this was all I got, but IT COUNTS! :=) 

3 seconds worth of music 

This fade up lasting about 10 seconds produced speech not music which helped confirm this was CBOX: 

9 seconds worth of music: 

This was my longest fade up, lasting about 12 seconds:  

NEW! (Wed Feb. 21st). "Boom 97.3" CHBM Toronto, Ontario. 160 miles NW of me
Weather forecast and temperature mentions heard being given by a jock and several "Boom" liners. Audio:

"Country 106.7" CIKZ Kitchener, Ont. This "little" 5KW/650 foot signal was doing pretty good about 150 miles NW of me with a live remote at a local cell phone store. Audio:

NEW! CKMB-FM 107.5 Barrie, Ont. About 210 miles NW of me. Heard with sports report and weather, music, liners and local DJ. Pretty good signal! Audio: 

CJBC-FM 90.3 Toronto, Ontario.  Music and talk in French. Audio:

CJBC-FM-4 99.3 London, Ontario. About 150-160 miles NW of me. Talking in french. This one is interesting to hear because it has to over ride a fairly strong semi local signal to make it to my radio. Audio:

NEW! CBLA-FM-3 100.9 Wingham, Ontario. 218 miles NW of me. Weather forecast and talk of the Olympics. Audio:

CJED-FM 105.1 Niagara Falls, Ont. About 130 miles NW of me. Music and Today FM liner, pretty good signal. Audio: 

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