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March 9, 2018 5:20 pm  #1

New Limited Series Coming: "The Fifth Beatle." But Who Is It?

Just when you thought there couldn't be anything new to tell the Fab Four's story comes this - a biopic about their manager, Brian Epstein. Bravo in the U.S. is making the limited series, about the man who guided the most successful rock act in history to the big time. It's too soon to know, but often what airs on Bravo in the States also gets shown on the channel here.

What's perhaps most intriguing about this is that the producers have gotten the rights to the Lennon-McCartney song catalog, one of the first such flicks to ever do that. Exactly who will star or when it will be ready is TBA, but I'd definitely be curious to see this. 

From Deadline Hollywood:

"The Fifth Beatle recounts the true story of Epstein, a brilliant yet often tormented dreamer who discovered the band in the Cavern Club in Liverpool, then nurtured, protected and guided them to unprecedented worldwide success. As a gay Jewish man living in 1960s England where homosexuality was a felony, Epstein was a double outsider who struggled to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

He was instrumental in the Fab Four’s rise to fame and saw their potential when no one else did. Yet behind the music, Epstein suffered from loneliness and his crushing desires to be one of the boys and belong."

‘The Fifth Beatle’: Limited Series Based On Graphic Novel In Works At Bravo