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March 12, 2018 12:09 pm  #1

Sexual Harassment & "No Safe Space" Complaints Hit CIUT-FM

Think it's hard to deal with all the #MeToo fallout in normal broadcasting circles? Try doing it in the overly-politically correct atmosphere of a modern college campus. Which brings us to CIUT, the University of Toronto's FM station and an ongoing dispute over a sexual harassment charge and a volunteer show host who claims she was taken off the air for airing her opinions - about the station itself!

What a mess. 

Here are two excerpts from The Varsity, the U. of T. student newspaper:

"DaCosta’s complaint was made against another CIUT host who has since been suspended from the station. DaCosta alleges that the accused behaved inappropriately toward her, including touching her, coming into the studio drunk, and calling her names like ‘sugar.’

According to DaCosta, CIUT President Steve Fruitman breached her confidentiality when an email he sent to her and the accused explicitly named her as the complainant." 

DaCosta is Jamaias DaCosta, who hosts an Indigenous show on the station. Or did, until she went on the air and blasted the place about how it doesn't provide (are you ready?) "a safe space" after she made comments on the Colten Boushie case in Saskatchewan. Again from The Varsity:

"I just need to take a second to put CIUT on blast,” she had said on air. “If it’s not a safe space for those people in the community, then it’s not doing its job as a community radio station.”

DaCosta made these comments about the station in response to an unknown person putting a picture of U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson that said “you can fix yourself,” on her desktop...

“I’m being censored as an Indigenous person at the station,” she said. 

Wow. In an era where every sentence is parsed for double or triple meanings and words are twisted to say whatever the listener decides they mean, and when people of a certain age actually believe that there are such things as "safe spaces" (wait until they hit the real world!) I don't know how they ever get anything done.

I worked at what was then called "U. of T. Radio" as a teenager a long time ago, when it was just a carrier current and a cable entity, had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the medium. Sounds like they've taken all that fun out of it. Glad I'm not in college these days. This nonsense would probably leave me as the only freshman with non-stop high blood pressure.

Sexual Harassment & "No Safe Space" Complaints Hit CIUT-FM