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March 26, 2018 3:08 pm  #1

The 10 Right Ways To Run A Radio Station

Forbes asked some industry experts about how to succeed in radio without really trying. They came back with 10 suggestions. My favourites:

—Cut back ad loads. Give listeners a break.

"If you run too many, you’ll chase away listeners and send them to digital offerings like Spotify, where loads are far lower. You also diminish the value of the ads you run, risking driving away clients to competitors...It’s a no-brainer. Yet so many stations seem not to grasp this."

—Eschew micromanaging. Let your people go at it.

"If you’ve got the right people, they get the job done without being told what to do every minute. It’s called talent. Large organizations like to manage down, and down and down and down. Executives collect endless amounts of data and put it in spreadsheets to impress boards and stockholders...They are not radio people. They are bean-counters pretending to be radio people."


 —Live, breathe and embrace local local local

"That has been lost in this age of consolidation, where stations are managed from afar. But it makes even more sense these days. Everything about your stations should scream local."

There's A Right Way To Run Radio Stations. Here Are 10 Smart Tips.


March 26, 2018 3:22 pm  #2

Re: The 10 Right Ways To Run A Radio Station

Interestingly, nowhere in that article (had to be whitelisted due to Adblock detection), is there mention of the following:

- Have advertisers, themselves, voice their own ads.  Let them ramble on, ad infinitum, about never-ending sales on product lines nobody has ever heard of.

- Have most of your lineup shill with ridiculous claims replete with unverifiable attestations about their product or service.

- Have a station lie for years about have a helicopter for their traffic reports.

- Run the exact same spot within the same block cluster.

- Run hours and hours of syndicated paranoia crap overnight.

- Have the entire station's staff of receptionists, janitors, interns and the lunch lady constantly interrupt a show.

- Call absolutely anything and everything "breaking" news.

- Play YouTube videos on the air and forget that radio is not a visual medium.

- Oh, I'm sure there's more.........


March 26, 2018 3:55 pm  #3

Re: The 10 Right Ways To Run A Radio Station

I have been closely following the changes that Byrnes Communications has made since acquiring the Niagara Falls and Fort Erie 105.1 and 101.1 FM stations on March 1.  The morning shows are now staffed by 2 announcers, voice tracking has been eliminated on PM drive and each station has its own afternoon news reader.  The announcers on the morning shows also discuss local events.  The music library on More FM has been improved and the station is also running a testimonial from a Fort Erie advertiser encouraging other businesses to advertise on the station.

With competition from stations in Buffalo, the new owners face a daunting task in making these stations profitable.  The previous owners were not local, did not understand the market and proceeded to run the stations into the ground.  Byrnes may not be able to salvage CJED and CFLZ, but at least they have a track record of building a profitable station from scratch in Woodstock.