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March 28, 2018 12:16 pm  #1

Radio fav "Under The Influence" pre-empted Thursday March 29

The mother ship does love book reports, and chatting about all things book related, so it's not a surprise that Terry O'Reilly's "Under The Influence" radio show is being interrupted for the "Canada Reads" feature on CBC radio 1. Unless you live on the east coast, this Thursday March 29 at 11:30am, it's book geek heaven, instead of part 2 of Terry's look at advertising jingles.

On "Jingles part 1" last week, listeners heard the fascinating story of how the tv show "WKRP in Cincinnati" came to be, along with the funeral home jingle episode, that the first radio jingle was for Wheaties cereal, and just a heck of a lot of entertaining content on jingles and their creation. If you missed "Jingles part 1", it's worth hunting down.

"Under The Influence: Jingles part 2" will air this Saturday on CBC radio 1 at 11:30am. If you want a preview, Terry has one on Twitter and I think it's @terryoinfluence .