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March 29, 2018 8:42 am  #1

A Canadian FM Heard in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Ok, it isn't a southern Ontario signal but I just had to share this since It was quite an accomplishment to HEAR it then IDENTIFY it!

On Wednesday March 28th, I had fairly consistent "Now 105.7" WBNW Binghamton, NY during "The Elvis Duran Show" in the 9am hour. It would come up fairly strong for a bit, fade down and come back. 

Well, about 9:28am I had some french language speech pop up out of nowhere, last about 8 seconds, disappear and not come back. I figured this was going to be a tough one to figure out. It kinda was, but some good detective work really made it kinda easy. 

I sent the clip to Pierre Boucher, a Montreal based broadcast engineer who installs and maintains some of the CBC Rebroadcast sites. He immediately recognized the AUDIO PROCESSING as something used by CBC Rebroadcast transmitters. He then identified the content as being "Ici Radio-Canada Première", the CBC's commercial free french language talk network. I also sent the clip to Christopher Arthur who had a french speaking friend listen to it and identified it as Ici Radio-Canada Première! Chris Kadlec also recognized the voice as Catherine Perrin, who is one of the Ici Radio-Canada Première hosts. 

Pierre Boucher and I then poured over the relevant licensing databases in Canada to find all the CBC relays on 105.7! WE did find several and I then went out figuring out what was what and I was able to find only ONE CBC Rebroadcast transmitter on 105.7 FM in FRENCH! This is CBAF-FM-2 105.7 Allardville, New Brunswick. Licensed for 100,000 Watts at 423 feet. Distance from the CBAF-FM-2 tower to my antenna is 772.62 miles!

CBAF-FM-2 is a relay of CBAF-FM 88.5 Moncton, New Brunswick about 125 miles away.
 Here is the audio from CBAF-FM-2 that I managed to record: 

In this collage is the CBAF-FM-2 coverage map, a map showing the distance and the CBAF-FM-2 broadcast tower south of Allardville.

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