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April 10, 2018 3:54 pm  #1

Union Loses Battle To Have OMNI In House Newscasts Reinstated By CRTC

It started about a year ago, when the CRTC gave Rogers a 3-year licence renewal for OMNI, as it created a so-called regional channel with must carry status on both cable and satellite. Soon after getting the green light, Rogers cut a deal with Fairchild TV to produce its daily Chinese newscasts, and then, of course, instituted layoffs for the staff that used to do that for the multicultural outlet.
That prompted Unifor, the union that represented those fired employees, to complain bitterly that Rogers wasn’t meeting the terms of its licence, promised to produce the broadcast in house, and demanded that Ted’s Big Red Machine rehire all those let go. Not to mention that Fairchild already produces a Chinese newscast for its own network.   
The complaint went to the CRTC and on Tuesday, the commission finally ruled. They denied the gripe, saying as long as Fairchild produces a unique show for OMNI, there is no violation. “The Commission noted Rogers’ commitment to re-establish in house production in all markets,” they responded in their decision. “Nevertheless, that commitment was not imposed as a condition of licence.”
Needless to say, Unifor isn’t happy. “Taking the word of a company that has broken a written promise to Canadians to produce these newscasts in house is disrespectful to the community,” said Howard Law, Media Director.”
Despite their reaction, the gambit to get the employees rehired is over. And it’s case dismissed. In whatever language you say it.
CRTC Decision
Unifor reaction


April 10, 2018 4:06 pm  #2

Re: Union Loses Battle To Have OMNI In House Newscasts Reinstated By CRTC

It's hard to feel sorry for unions and their goon-like, mafioso tactics.