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April 26, 2018 6:39 pm  #1

How The Man Who Discovered Elvis Started The 1st All-Female Radio Stn.

As a fan of radio history, this is a new one on me. It turns out Sam Phillips, of "Sun Records-I discovered Elvis Presley" fame, also had another first few know about - he created the first all-female radio outlet, staffing an entire station with women way back in the late 1950s!

In fact, there were two such stations he pioneered, although this article concentrates on one in Lake Worth, Florida. 

This is quite a story and it won't interest everyone. But if you're into broadcasting history, it's one that may not be so well known. I found it fascinating and it certainly puts Brampton's old CHIC ("Where The Girls Are") to shame. (But then, so did the Allen Brothers!)

Why are so many celebrities connected to a Lake Worth radio station?