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May 2, 2018 8:44 pm  #1 Gone - But For Good?

Some here are intimately familiar with, the original website for incredible airchecks from Top 40's storied past. Its founder and longtime curator, Richard Irwin, has been very ill recently and because it was his baby, he refused to allow anyone else to take it on out of fear the quality could not be maintained,

The end came on May 1st, when the site ran out of money and disappeared. The question now is - is all that work, some 30 years worth. gone for good? It would be a shame to lose it all, an exhibit that features the talents of people like Dan Ingram, John Landecker, The Reel Don Steele, Robert W. Morgan, Wolfman Jack, David "Mickie" Marsden, Dr. Don Rose and way too many more to mention.

Apparently, Uncle Ricky, as he was known, has made copies of everything and if he ever finds a benefactor who can restore the site to its legendary lustre, it could one day be back. For now, though, all those wonderful voices have been silenced, leaving Dale Patterson's as one of the best of the original aircheck sites left 

Hope you'll be staying around a while, Dale! And RIP Reelradio. What a great resource. And what great memories.