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May 7, 2018 8:32 pm  #1

Hockey analyst's on-air puppy love

When TSN's Jeff O'Neill announced on the radio last week that he'd bought himself a puppy, a Pomeranian puppy at that, the reaction of Bryan Hayes was shocked disbelief. Jeff being Jeff, promised to bring the puppy, named Gracie, in to the OverDrive 1050 booth for this afternoon's show, and he followed through on it. Gracie made her appearance. The reactions of Hayes, and Noodles, especially the looks on their faces were entertaining.

Guess there's some sort of company rule against having dogs in the studio. It was a great break from the sports chatter, and the whole Gracie business on the afternoon drive show was like a textbook radio bit from the days when the unexpected was expected. Nicely played boys (you too Gracie).

I did a screenshot of O and Gracie in the TSN studio to post here, but couldn't get it to upload, try to imagine a burly ex hockey player holding up a tiny grinning bit of red gold furry fluff. She'll end up a co-host just watch. 🐕

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May 7, 2018 8:40 pm  #2

Re: Hockey analyst's on-air puppy love

O'Neil has a dog but I had a feline of sorts

Speaking of a tiny grinning bit of furry fluff...

I had a stripper remove virtually all of her clothing & park her ass in my lap during my an air effort

I had a single polaroid of the episode but it seems to have vanished

Take that Jeffy...

"I'll kick your ass down Yonge Street"... CFTR's Robert Holiday circa 1979...