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June 12, 2018 12:30 pm  #1

Cannabis or Marijuana : the dopey difference in the media

The Globe and Mail is being picked on by some readers for using the word "marijuana" in a headline instead of "cannabis" with the detractors noting that it's called the Cannabis Act, and that the word "marijuana" seems so 2014 and behind the times.

I've heard some media outlets use one word over the other, and a few use both. There seems to be a real switch going on in radio with on-air people starting to use "cannabis" more than "marijuana", (when discussing the subject I mean).

Is this something that program directors decide as a station branding choice, with the notion that "cannabis" is the word used by those trying to be clinical and sound intelligent, and that the word "marijuana" seems less... classy?

It's just a word, but "cannabis" does sound more... medicinal. And hey, with "cannabis" being legal, will we see a return to the good old days when being buzzed on the air was just par for the course at some stations.

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