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June 15, 2018 6:44 pm  #1

Some major cuts at Jazz FM...and it's not owned by Rogers or Bhell

Media Beat and Jaymz Bee's Facebook posts confirm some major personality cuts at Jazz FM...not sure who will host the fund drives now...

Keep in mind Garvia Bailey was let go in May and now...Media Beat reports these cuts too!

More changes at JAZZ.FM91?A week following Charlie Cutts replacing Ross Porter as (interim) CEO of JAZZ.FM91, Porter remains on the air with his Saturday morning show as a number of other notables have seemingly disappeared from regular air shifts. No official word at the time of writing earlier this a.m., but it appears that Jaymz Bee, David Basskin, Walter Venafro and several others may have been cut from official duties at the not-for-profit jazz station.  The Toronto FM has just wrapped a successful fund drive bringing in as much as $250K. We will report either way when official confirmation is received. 

As a listener (number one on my fm pre-set in my car) and perpetual donor, I am a little unsure about these moves, we will see what happens next...


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