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July 10, 2018 1:19 pm  #1

Radio Canada Shortwave Club 1967 & 1950's Radio

Have uploaded this to Radio Miscellany on the web site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.Something a bit different from regular air checks.

The first clip is a “round robin” tape made by members of the Radio Canada short wave club in 1967.  Various members speak about shortwave DX’ing and also play some recordings of shortwave stations. I have edited the tape and the full presentation by every member is not included. Many of the participants are young shortwave enthusiasts who are talking about their radio equipment and catches. Current fans of DX’ing will enjoy this recording made for radio enthusiasts.

The second clip features content from the mid to late 1950’s and includes 1050 CHUM, The NBC Network and WABC.The most fascinating part of the clip starts at 2:37 and features an amateur conducting tests with a Scott tube radio, records and a tape recorder. An early audiophile and his 59 year old recording still sounds good today. The 1050 CHUM and NBC content is not from his tape.Not home recording voyeurism as it sounds like the gent wants to be heard. I have other recordings by him including one where he surreptitiously records his father lecturing him to do something with his life. Quite a character and he made some high quality air check tapes that I have previously uploaded. I have had his tapes for many years and he continued his taping into the 1970’s

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