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September 1, 2018 4:52 pm  #1

Southern US Top 40 Radio 1968 & Some 1050 CHUM 1971

Two new audio clips uploaded to Radio Miscellany 

The first clip from July 1968 was made during a trip to Texas from Charlotte NC. This section has top 40 stations from Charlotte, Georgia,  Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and more. A most fascinating snapshot of southern top 40 radio at the time.  This clip covers line 1 in the picture below with more to come in the future as I have 6 hours on the one four track mono reel to reel. I have not edited the tape at all.The second clip is much shorter and features Johnny Mitchell and Scott Carpenter on 1050 CHUM from early 1971. Recorded on cassette when that format was relatively new.Both air checks are scoped.

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