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September 3, 2018 4:55 pm  #1

Taxi At 40: A Ride Down Memory Lane With One Of TV's Best Sitcoms

Every once in a while, The Hollywood Reporter takes a look back at a classic TV sitcom by interviewing all the surviving cast and crew members. On Monday, they posted a retrospective of "Taxi," one of the greatest - and all too brief - TV sitcoms in the medium's history. 

Among the revelations: how the show was based on some real characters and a true story, what Alex Rieger's last name was supposed to be, how Danny DeVito took a big chance during his Louie DePalma audition, what the cast really thought of the enigmatic Andy Kaufman (aka Latka Gravas,) where Christopher Lloyd got his Rev. Jim stoned expression and of course, the origin of "What does a yellow light mean?" one of the most iconic scenes in Taxi - and TV - history. (You can watch it below.)

All this happens to come as CHCH began showing Taxi reruns every day at 12:30 PM, a welcome addition to their classic TV offerings.

'Taxi' Turns 40: A Wild Ride Down Memory Lane With the Cast and Creators