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December 18, 2018 10:32 am  #1

Buffalo AM Format Switch Creates “Soul-dies” & New FM Translator

One of Buffalo’s worst propagating but once most influential radio stations has undergone a format flip. But unless you listen to it online (and it may be geoblocked here) chances are you won’t really hear it in the GTA.
WWWS at 1400 AM had been a soul-based oldies station until Monday, when it flipped to what I like to call “Soul-dies” – R&B hits from the 70s until today. They call it “Classic R&B,” although how they can make that claim without the seminal 60s soul sounds is beyond me. (Didn’t they have a classic soul format once before?)
But the name isn’t the only change. They’ve added an FM repeater at 107.3 located in Williamsville that doesn’t get a sniff here in Toronto. Like most AM stations that add an FM counterpart, they’re stressing the newer frequency but will continue to simulcast on 1400.
Despite its terrible dial position and weak signal (1,000 watts day, 250 night) WWWS has an amazing history. It was once known as WBNY, one of the first Top 40 formats in the city. It featured soon-to-be-greats like George Hamberger, Kevin O’Connell, Danny Neaverth and even Casey Kasem. And it continued that tradition when its calls were changed to WYSL, which managed to give 50,000 watt WKBW down the dial a run for its money. 
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