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December 24, 2018 12:50 pm  #1

All I Want For Xmas Is To Stop The “White Christmas” Wx Forecasts!

I’m not a Grinch, I swear. I hope everyone celebrates their holiday in whatever way they see fit.
But if I hear one more weather forecaster on local TV or radio talk about wishing for a significant snowstorm so we can have a “White Christmas” I think I may do some physical damage.
I know there’s this misguided tradition that that damned Irving Berlin is responsible for, but you can’t turn on a single weather prediction now that doesn’t include some extreme expression of “disappointment” that a blizzard isn't coming this year.
Snow may be “pretty” but it also causes accidents on the road, eats away at your car, gives shoveling seniors often fatal heart attacks, delays or cancels flights at the busiest travel time of the year, makes it impossible to get anywhere, costs cities a fortune to clean up and ruins your clothes and shoes. And that's only a partial list.
So I’m dreaming of anything but a White Christmas. I just wish all those weather broadcasters would knock it off already. I haven’t heard a single forecast in the last week without at least one mention of this. Just give me the weather and shut the F up!
O.K. so maybe I am a Grinch after all. But just on this one issue.
We now return you to your regular holiday festivities.