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January 17, 2019 9:47 am  #1

Whatever Happened To Former WYSL Buffalo DJ Jim Scott?

Not sure how many here remember a Top 40 disc jockey named Jim Scott. He was in and out of the Buffalo radio market several times over the years (mostly with WYSL), before becoming a big time morning man on WLW in Cincinnati. (If you want to hear what he sounded like back then, there's a great WYSL-FM aircheck on Dale Patterson's RockRadioScrapbook that you can find here, an April Fool's evening in which he plays jingles from other stations across America!

I know some here won't care, but for those who do, there's a nice little article about him from Wednesday that I stumbled across at the Cincinnati Enquirer's website. And it contains a few things about him that I didn't know, including that he once worked to "balance off" Imus In The Morning at WNBC, that he interviewed then not-president Donald Trump and that he recovered from polio as a child. 

He's now 76 and apparently happily retired in Indiana. Nice to hear his voice again on the accompanying video.

Radio legend Jim Scott now lives on his own time