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February 3, 2019 11:14 am  #1

Buffalo Broadcast History: WBEN-TV's Anniversary & Birth Of WNED-FM

These are by no means new, but I found them interesting enough to be worthy of sharing here. The first is the 50th anniversary special aired by what is now WIVB-TV Buffalo back in 1998 on the occasion of the station reaching the half century mark. Despite the fact most places rarely keep their history, there's enough here to satisfy the curious about what the very first TV station in Southern Ontario and Western New York (the "SOWNY" in SOWNY Board) looked like in its very early days. 

This video was put up on YouTube by Rich Newberg, one of WIVB's former news anchors. 

The second video is a 2010 tongue-in-cheek brief look back at the birth and transformation of what is now WNED-FM at 94.5. There's lots squeezed into this less than four minute video, but to me, maybe the biggest revelation is that the station wasn't actually in stereo until 1979! Wow.