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February 8, 2019 10:57 am  #1

You Can't Mention Rating Periods On Air - But The Rater Can Advertise

Ratings periods in radio used to be like Fight Club - the first rule is you can't mention it to anyone when it's going on. I'm pretty sure those rules are still in place but I wonder if Numeris, the company that crunches all those listener numbers, is hurting for participants. 

I say that because I heard an ad on CFRB Friday that talked about 'how you can have a say in what radio stations play,' sponsored by Numeris. The main tagline appeared to be about getting people to "take the call" when the rating service dials your home number to arrange for you to be part of its surveys. (What about people without landlines? Are they shut out?)

Most here have a working familiarity with what Numeris does, but I can't ever recall hearing them advertising on the very stations they depend on for so much of their business. (By the way, do you think they may look at the PPMs or diaries to see how many were listening when their spot aired?)

A one-off or the beginning of a trend? What if they took ratings and no one wanted to participate?