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February 8, 2019 3:04 pm  #1

Save Jazz FM is really making the push for a regime change

On my Facebook group (Fans of Jazz FM and not the actual station's FB page) they have enlisted people like Colleen Peterson (Oscars daughter), Ron Davis and today Bill King penned this plea for members to sign the "Blue Proxy" towards change happening.

Here is his post...good on you Bill, thanks for sharing this message...

"I’ve been in and around a microphone since starting at Q-107 in 1985 and have never heard of or experienced a situation as toxic as what’s going on at Jazz Fm. Radio, for the most part, is run by pros and not an entity of a child’s play. I’ve been reading the posts of those let go in the recent purge and sympathize and scratch my head at the same time. I was the first to face the wrath of the upper chamber some fourteen years back. That should have been a warning sign all was not right. Those reeling from the same indignities I faced knew what happened to me, Reiner Schwarz and others and ducked their heads thinking the stink would never collect on them. I’m not going into details of what happened but there are plenty folks walking about in the know who can speak to that.Contrary to what’s being put out there as gospel by the station, BRIAN HEMMING AND THOSE SUPPORTING HIS MISSION DON'T HAVE A PERSONAL AGENDA, They really care about the station and don't want it to lose its license and become something it was never intended.Can it be saved?I certainly believe so. But radical change has got to come. Stop preening over this “protectors of the legacy” of jazz bullshit, that’s being and been done in the country of jazz’s birthright. Speak to this city and what’s happening here. The station should go young. By that I mean step away from that sooty jazz voice and get where the action is. Train some young faces, men, and women and let them pick and play new sounds. Broaden the playlist and show the keepers of the museum out the door.I’m a volunteer broadcaster like so many creative souls at CIUT 89.5 FM and we play lots of great progressive and all-encompassing jazz and are way more receptive and reactive to our community, and no agenda other than presenting great music. You feel a need to donate, donate here. You’ll get more for your dollar.Last word. I’ve been on the bandstand since 1960, a fourteen-year-old. I’ve had times of insecurity where I thought I was going to throw up, more to do with my insecurity as a budding musician, but none ever surpassed my time at Jazz Fm. No one should ever feel bullied or threatened in the workplace. There are laws to protect. Jazz should never be used as a blunt instrument to cut down a perceived adversary. Listen to Love Supreme and live that message!"Bill King

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The world would be so good if it weren't for some people...