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February 9, 2019 11:38 am  #1


For the most part, TSN is one of Canada's best broadcasting outfits.

 Their large tableau of sports coverage and knowledgeable anchors and analysts serves millions of Canadian sports fans very well But, to paraphrase another whistle blower, there's a cancer growing on this ascendancy.

 Because unlike their US big brother, ESPN, whose journalists got the ball rolling on football concussions and CTE  with League of Denial in 2012 even though they broadcast NFL games, TSN, which exclusively shows CFL games, is MIA on 3 down CTE even though they accept it as fact in the NFL! 

Which is additionally bizarre as they have no problem regularly lambasting NHL boss Gary Bettman for trying to screw the players trying to claim damages from concussion caused CTE. 

After all, TSN carry lots of NHL games but have no problem calling BS on Gary's "science not clear" on CTE serial denials. But when it comes to concussions and CTE in the CFL, TSN likes to coddle Dr. Charles Tator, who Rick Westhead called, "renown" in a 2014 post, despite Tator's usual denial of the concussion cause and effect of CTE which Boston University researchers have made the world wide gold standard.

 Tator's infamous 2012 study entitled "Absence Of" CTE in former CFL players, despite a finding of CTE in half of them was partially funded by the CFL, so make your own conclusions. Yet, here's the real irony: TSN runs with the bizarre dichotomy that while, Tator, a major critic of the NHL on concussions and CTE is righteous on calling out the NHL, the good doc mysteriously becomes MIA when it comes to CTE in the CFL. It's like CTE in Canada does exist in Canada for hockey, but that's an ixnay on CFL CTE like it somehow stops at the 49th parallel!

TSN CFL "insider" Dave Naylor, considered by some to be a league football washer, continues to throw shade on the CTE in the CFL and never quite got over that he was bypassed back in '14 on the first concussion lawsuit against the CFL by Arland Bruce III, which got broke by the Chicago based Concussion Blog.

At that time, Naylor did his best to cock an eyebrow on the whole affair and conducted a condescending radio interview with Bruce's female legalist, which would have ticked off ERA fans.

Obviously, with a big dog in the fight-they paid the CFL a record amount in '14 for exclusive rights-TSN wants to protect their investment, but at what eventual cost?

Surely their credibility has to be considered in the big picture when the whole ridiculous "science not clear" BS is put to pasture. Because if anyone thinks the NFL acknowledged that CTE was caused by football concussions and agreed to pay out over a billion bucks because they thought the science "unclear," well then, give your head a shake.

Every time CFL commish "Dandy" Randy Ambrosie appears on TV, radio, Internet, or print still wanking the "science not clear" fraud and TSN presents it as fact, ethics and morality go in the crapper.

 TSN, and any other media-and there is lots- that continues this nonsense will be judged by history.

Bob Costas, I feel your pain.

Bob, meet Doc Tator, and try not to laugh with righteous disgust at pure fraud:

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