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February 10, 2019 6:54 pm  #1


Well, the broadcast Gods giveth, and then they take away.

Tonight's 6PM CHCH newscast featured Nicole Martin having a sit down with the very comparable business "expert" Marvin Ryder, who never met a cliche, or middle of the road justification he did not regurgitate.

So when it came to Justine Trudeau's disastrous US/Kanada/Mexixo free trade agreement negotiations in which the silly Chrystia Freeland sabotaged the whole thing with demands for transgender rights and other SJW nonsense, Trump took the measure of the Kanadian contingent and correctly deduced they were helpless and hopeless idiots and we got a deal corresponding with that, Nicole merely nodded like one of those pooches one perches in the back of cars.

So, it appeared the misguided Nicole actually believed Ryder knew what he was talking about regarding US tariffs on steel when he opined that it was but an oversight that Chinese crap steel was still flowing into Justine's  Marxist Kanada, whilst Stelco and Dofasco took it up the caboose.

The real story is that unlike Stephen Harper, who fought tooth and nail against US protectionism when everyone's fave son, Obama  Bin Lyin' was trying to pull the same deal 10 years ago, Justine is considered such a silly lightweight by Trump that Justine's Kanada will always be short changed as long as they send SJW lunatics to try to swing real world deals among serious people who laugh out loud at Justine's socialist nightmare wet dream.

But, I still think Martin has promise.

Although, she may have to do a little more watching of FOX News.

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