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February 13, 2019 3:28 pm  #1

Legendary broadcaster Duff Roman is set to be honoured at the Juno's

Duff Roman, has been in the broadcasting and music production biz for 63 years...quite incredible. Plus he's done some great work too!

He is now set to be awarded with the Walt Grealis, Special Achievement Award at the upcoming Juno's

I remember as a teen, I'd buy my copy of RPM magazine at my nearby Sam the Record Man store at Bayshore Mall in Ottawa, and being so excited to read it cover-to-cover, it didn't take long it was pretty thin, but for someone who had the "radio" bug in him since I was about was a connection to the "Biz".

RPM was Stan and Walt's baby and then the Juno awards were introduced. Honouring Canadian, Gordon Lightfoot, the Poppy Family, Joanie Mitchell, Neil Young, and did I say Gordon Lightfoot? Back then Canadian Talent was pretty slim...

The music business in this country is turning out great talent and I love to see those who made an impact to both the music biz and radio get recognized.

Here is more on the award that Duff will get in early March!

The world would be so good if it weren't for some people...