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February 21, 2019 5:32 pm  #1

When sponsorship of our athletes goes really wrong

Nike's shares dropped on the markets today for the "Epic Fail" of a basketball show worn by Duke University basketball stand-out Zion Williamson...

The show fell apart 33 seconds into the game and this high rated pending NBA draft pick sprained his knee as a result of the show literally exploding on him and breaking apart!

Here are the games highlights and literally 15 seconds into the video below, you will see the shoe incident...

The game is called by Thornhill's Dan Shulman too!

Here is what is being reported after this incident...about the shoe fail and Nike's Stock Prices today!

After the game, team officials described the injury to Williamson, the likely NBA top draft pick next season, as a "mild sprain." But the pain inflicted on Nike's reputation could also water the eyes of some investors.Company shares were changing hands Thursday down almost two per cent from Wednesday's close, at just over $83 a share."At this juncture, we are optimistic that while negative headlines might weigh upon Nike shares for a bit, any lasting damage to the company and its shares will prove minimal," Oppenheimer analyst Brian Nagel said in a note.Attention to the incident was perhaps more than it would normally have been because the mishap happened during a nationally televised prime-time game against Duke archrival North Carolina."We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery," Nike said in a statement.

The world would be so good if it weren't for some people...