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February 21, 2019 9:30 pm  #1

Digital Radio Test WCBS AM

In addition to the a Directed table top digital radio  I got last year I decided to get a Sangean  HDT 20 digital tuner as it was discounted.

May be the last chance to get such a tuner as HD radio is not exactly taking off and some stations have actually gone off it but I bought AM stereo recivers back in the day when the lack of a early universal format doomed that. I don't think I gave the format a fair shake as I was mainly interested in FM. HD radio definately has a downside in terms of the negative impact it has on adjacent  stations.

The FM selectivity on the tuner is not as good as the Directed radio. There is more splatter from adjacent stations, for example on 97.1 and 93.9, the directed can often pick up stations but on the Sangean I hear mostly splatter. Over-all the tuner does sound better and in addition to the RCA outputs it also has optical and coaxial digi outputs. 

The AM section on the Sangean seems to be better and I was able to get a digital lock last night on two different American AM stations including WCBS for a few minutes.

I made a recording of several stations during the last two days. I recorded from the tuner to tape. Probably would have been better to record to digital directly.

The stations you will hear on the sample below are all HD except for one:

Digital Test Feb 20/21/19

The Wave from 0 to 112
CKDO  113 to 319
WCBS AM 320 - 650 digi kicks in around 335 to 645
Element FM  650-741
CFRB 742-752
CJBC FM 753-819
Classical FM 820-922
Fresh FM 923- 953
The Buzz 98.9 FM Rochester ( not digital and recorded off the Directed radio where it seems to be a regular catch) 954 - 1021
Alternative Buffalo 1022-1120


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