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February 27, 2019 3:26 pm  #1

ISED Proposes New CRTC Direction Putting Consumer First

I've argued here a number of times in recent years that, IMHO, the Commission generally renders decisions to protect industry players as opposed to supporting what is in the public interest.

After the Commission's arguably benign report on misleading and aggressive sales practices in the telecom industry, it looks like ISED may be getting involved in aid of a shift in approach. Granted, most of the immediate concerns are related to consumer complaints associated with telco services.

I don't need to remind anyone here that in this country the cross-ownership of telco and broadcast properties is exceptionally high. That is, in of itself, not in service of the public interest, IMHO.

I'm glad that at the very least, there's an openness to exploring the degree to which the system is broken. Top of mind for me is how and why is the Chairman of the Commission an ex-industry executive. How can cronyism not thrive in such a setting?