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March 15, 2019 6:32 am  #1

TSN Ottawa and Vancouver cut staff and hosts...what's next?

I think I am stating the obvious that TSN radio is not doing to places like Ottawa though it is the only game in town as far as sports radio goes, so it is a surprise when they cut the morning show host...

i am wondering if Bell/Globe media will cut the sports radio concept and make some major changes...

Here is more on the cuts, if you read the story on the link below you can feel the pain expressed by Curt Appleby  a producer on Vancouver's TSN franchise as he announces that he is "Gutted by the loss of his job". This is the aspect of the business that sucks...and I wonder if management really gets that? 

I mean today is another day, we're on the air, there are ads to be sold, clients to call on and the Canucks or Leafs or Sens play another game tonight!


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March 15, 2019 8:23 am  #2

Re: TSN Ottawa and Vancouver cut staff and hosts...what's next?

The major problem with Sports radio in Canada (as CHUM Group's late great team 1050 found out) is that it tends to get rather expensive to run because everything is FORCED to be local eventually.

Try doing a talk show coast to coast from Toronto worshipping the Leafs. 
Ottawa alone will tune out freaking out about not hearing anything good about the Senators.

Baseball talk might work, Raptor talk might work...maybe, but eventually, coast to coast sports talk falls apart with callers crying out that Toronto is not the centre of the universe.

As a result, listeners also tune out.

Now, I know nothing about how much it costs to run a Business news network (BNN) talk radio station.
However, AT LEAST with Business news radio, one voice right across Canada can talk about Canada wide businesses and the listener won't care where the radio announcer is broadcasting from. (in Canada)

There can still be some local content where Bell sees fit. (talking about local businesses and how they're doing) but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Bell is looking into something cheaper to run than sports radio regardless of what format they come up with down the road...


March 15, 2019 8:45 am  #3

Re: TSN Ottawa and Vancouver cut staff and hosts...what's next?

This is total speculation on my part, I'll admit, but perhaps some changes are coming at Bell Media radio stations beyond what we've already seen. Jerry Agar was on the Roundtable early Friday morning, before confirming that he wouldn't actually be doing his show later in the day. 

In my experience, when a high profile on-air personality is in the station but not doing his show, that often means a big staff meeting, called to announce something so everyone gets the message at once. I've been to those in the past and they're generally overly long and presage some kind of change/new direction somewhere.

As I say it's total speculation, but whether anything happens on air or something else is going on remains to be seen/heard.

But God, did I hate those meetings!


March 15, 2019 11:18 am  #4

Re: TSN Ottawa and Vancouver cut staff and hosts...what's next?

With most games happening when business news slows, the games could fit just fine on BNN 1050.