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March 18, 2019 9:32 am  #1

Surf Guitar Legend & "Pulp Fiction" Theme Maker Dick Dale Gone At 81

Not sure how many here know the name of Dick Dale, but if it weren't for him there may have been no Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and countless other so-called "surf" groups of the early 60s. He changed the way guitars were played in the fledgling days of the rock era but is largely forgotten by many today. 

A definite pioneer, Dale passed away on Saturday night. He was 81. The linked article notes he partnered with another legend, Leo Fender, to create not only a new sound but a new kind of instrument, as well.

And if that song in the video below sounds familiar, that's because it was resurrected as the theme song for Quentin Tarantino's celebrated "Pulp Fiction" back in 1994.
Dick Dale, Surf Guitar Legend, Dead At 81