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March 27, 2019 10:00 pm  #1

Casey Kasem KRLA & More HD TV DX'ng

Years ago I was lucky to find a tape recorded off radio station KRLA AM in 1964. The tape features Bob Eubanks
( future Newlywed Game show host) and Casey Kasem and more. I have already posted the Eubanks segment to the site and here is a You Tube tease for the Casey segment. I will post the full air check in the future.

The video includes a scan of HD TV with my indoor antenna. Sowny member Tim Brown has mentioned that an outdoor antenna will provide greater coverage and that is no doubt true  but for now I am having fun with the indoor one and today I was able to get a lock on some Rochester NY stations. Plus I am able to consistently pull in Antenna TV and as RA has mentioned METV is not a consistent get with an outdoor hookup and that is really the only other channel that I am interested in that's not on cable.


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